A pan-European research infrastructure

A familiar name we hope all of us will become acquainted with, stands indeed for the first attempt at making the development of a new nuclear reactor closer to the people. Or, even more: for the first time a nuclear reactor is conceived and designed by a wide, international cooperation.

Spreading throughout Europe, and with sound links with the World’s scientific community, hundreds of researchers and technicians gave body to the ALFRED project. The Advanced Lead-cooled Fast Reactor European Demonstrator, representing the first challenge of its gender, will:

  • demonstrate that people can contribute in conceiving a new type of reactor,
  • demonstrate that this concept of new reactor can be real,
  • demonstrate that new reactors can meet people’s aims and overcome people’s concerns.

That’s why ALFRED is a pan-European action, and why – once realized – it will become the largest open access nuclear research infrastructure, elevating Europe towards excellence in one of the most promising frontier technologies.

Are you ready for this?