Competitive advantage

The demonstration of the viability of the Lead-cooled Fast Reactor technology will be the first key achievement sought for ALFRED. The showcasing of its successful operation will outreach the public concerns on nuclear energy, by presenting an inspirable example of an innovative and excellent energy system for the future which is able to materialize the ambitions for unparalleled safety, sustainability and economic competitiveness set forth by the Generation-IV vision.


Thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities, and the supporting expertise provided, the distributed Centre of Excellence built around the Project will also be a unique education, training research and development platform on the heavy liquid metals technology: a catalyzer to extend the bases of frontier knowledge, and an incubator of innovation-intensive technology, as a “cradle” stimulating the whole Europe to take a leading position worldwide.


The distinctive feature of the Centre of Excellence will be its open-access policy. Brilliant experts from all over the World will be attracted to propose excellence-based research and development programs, that will be implemented in the international context intrinsic to the infrastructure. In this scenario, the circulation of ideas, stepping on diversity and sharing, will enhance cooperation and joint programming, strengthening the leading position and bringing Europe in the spotlight of international attention.