Supporting research

To support the design and licensing of ALFRED, an extensive Research, Development and Qualification campaign is planned. Each and every aspect of the technology will be addressed in order to provide on one hand, an exhaustive return of experience on the anticipated reliability of all the solutions meant for use in the reactor; on the other, persuasive evidences regarding the robustness of the inherent and engineered provisions ensuring top-scoring safety performances.

This extensive campaign will be supported continuing the shared and collaborative spirit of the Project, by

  1. gathering all the existing facilities on the heavy liquid metals technology in Europe, so as to leverage on more than 20 years of invaluable experience in the field;
  2. realizing a pan-European Centre of Excellence provided of new, unique labs extending the experimental capacity so as to complement the present landscape.

Once realized, the Centre of Excellence will be

the largest and most exhaustive infrastructure worldwide for cooperative education, training, research and development on the heavy liquid metals technology.