The LFR technology

The Lead Fast Reactor is one of the six concepts candidate to realize a new generation of nuclear energy systems: the Generation-IV.

The vision for Generation-IV stands on excellence in four top-leel objectives:

  1. safety: no need for offsite emergency actions;
  2. sustainability: effective use of resources and minimization of the waste volume and radio-toxicity;
  3. economics: competitive energy affordable for large public;
  4. proliferation resistance: no risk of diversion of sensible material.


At the basis of Lead Fast Reactors is the use of lead as coolant, a breakthrough opening to brand new reactor concepts. An extensive series of innovations is thereby permitted, eventually materializing flexible and simple designs:

  • ultra-safe, reliable and easy-to-operate systems, never incurring in core damage to protect the people, the environment and the investment;
  • compact, modular units, ranging from small transportable batteries to large power stations;
  • versatile systems encompassing a broad variety of fuel management objectives from waste burning to new fuel breeding;
  • load-following and process heat delivery capabilities.