Competitive advantage

Lead has some inherent features that make it a unique coolant for fast reactors. These apply both directly and indirectly, having an impact on several aspects, ranging from safety to sustainability, and economic competitiveness.


Lead features are in fact directly converted into brand new capabilities, eventually extending the viability domain for reactor design, hence for its operation. In other words, using lead as coolant permits the designers to draw their ideas on a much broader sheet of paper, much extending the limits for their action.

At the same time, lead features indirectly allow for innovative engineering provisions to be adopted, to strengthen the design even more: in such an extended design space, the conventional rules and schemes for conceiving a reactor can be broken, opening instead to the possibility of novel approaches and innovation to take the lead.


Put together, these features permit a Lead-cooled Fast Reactor to stand on simplicity – the brilliant password for robustness.


But, on top of all, they add for extreme flexibility to the system: within the enlarged viability domain, the designers are free to pursue any aimed objective, targeting top-scoring performances without penalizing all other aspects.