Demonstration aims

The original objective meant for ALFRED, intrinsic to its role, is the demonstration of the LFR technology, in the sense of

proving, to the largest extent, the viability of the solutions envisaged for the reference system to be deploied.

This includes, as first goal, the verification of the anticipated performances of the reference plant, as well as of the reliability and robustness of operation, inspection and maintenance.

Then, as operation experience will be gathered, ALFRED will provide evidences – thoroughly collected by its extensive monitoring systems – permitting the reduction of the uncertainties, hence of the design margins, eventually allowing, as a second key goal, to optimize the design towards enhanced performances and even more robust safety standards.

Aside its main mission, the operation itself of ALFRED will be a direct evidence of the feasibility of innovative solutions overcoming the concerns on the safety and sustainability of nuclear energy. In this sense, demonstration will be

disclosing to the public a new, encouraging perspective on the huge social benefits of nuclear energy.