Safety features

Targeting the extensive proof of the Lead Fast Reactor concept, ALFRED will rely on outstanding safety, demonstrating the unparalleled performances that can be expected by these innovative reactors.

A number of extremely challenging conditions have been encompassed in defining the design basis, so as to make the inherent ALFRED response to these events robust and greatly effective. Among the encompassed conditions, for example a Fukushima-like event is considered. Should such an event occur to ALFRED, the response of the plant is such to imply no core damage at all, with an extremely long grace time allowing for full plant recovery.

Besides theĀ assumed conditions, all remaining extreme events have been considered, postulating their occurrence to stress-test the robustness of the ALFRED design. Even in such beyond design basis situations, the plant demonstrated to stand with no risk for core damage nor failure of the engineered barriers protecting people and the environment.